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Social Services


We Provide Social Services

Many who come to the Center haven’t had access to healthcare for months. Things like school physicals, which seem so routine to many of us, are hardships to the homeless. Thanks to the generous donations from the community and the volunteer hours provided by local healthcare providers, our Medical and Dental Clinic is able to provide our residents with timely and appropriate treatment.

Our clinics also offer valuable education about preventive care – eating properly, abstaining from alcohol and drugs, practicing good hygiene and scheduling regular vaccinations and checkups for themselves and their children. Approximately 500 adults and 200 children will receive medical, dental and age-appropriate health education services. Tour the facility with Louis Gill.

“We want them to go on an interview and smile…”
Louis Gill – Executive Director, BHC

BHC is providing for families all across Kern County.

We take pride in the people that we help. Connect with us online and follow how we are changing our world.


Darlene Mohlke
Castle & Cooke Homes

“Castle & Cooke has always believed in helping the community. We have partnered with Bakersfield Homeless Center for many years and believe they are making a great impact in our community.”