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The Tour – Day Center

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Our Day Center

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily to several hundred people. In addition to our homeless residents, we encourage those in our neighborhood who may be struggling to come and have a meal if they’re having trouble. Listen to Louis Gill discuss the importance of preventing homelessness when possible. If serving a meal helps a neighbor pay their rent; part of our goal at the BHC has been met – we’re encouraging independent living wherever possible.

“…just need a meal.”
Louis Gill – Executive Director, BHC

BHC is providing for families all across Kern County.

We take pride in the people that we help. Connect with us online and follow how we are changing our world.


Darlene Mohlke
Castle & Cooke Homes

“Castle & Cooke has always believed in helping the community. We have partnered with Bakersfield Homeless Center for many years and believe they are making a great impact in our community.”