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Back On The Road To Success

Follow Louis Gill and Jerri Alvarado as they share a closer look at one of our very important programs for school age kids. Homelessness can often mean many social and educational disruptions for children. For many, their school performance suffers and only a good support system can get them back on the road to success. Champ Camp was designed to do just that.

The after-school program introduces positive role models, teachers, mentors and caring volunteers; offers tutoring and homework help; gives the encouragement to read and learn both in the classroom and on their own; teaches healthy eating and exercise habits; promotes wholesome values and practices such as patience, kindness. Children in the formative years of 5 to 13 learn that education is the means to break free from the cycle of homelessness.

“…to help kids be successful in school.”
Louis Gill – Executive Director, BHC

BHC is providing for families all across Kern County.

We take pride in the people that we help. Connect with us online and follow how we are changing our world.


Darlene Mohlke
Castle & Cooke Homes

“Castle & Cooke has always believed in helping the community. We have partnered with Bakersfield Homeless Center for many years and believe they are making a great impact in our community.”