Providing homeless with access to health and wellness education about the importance of preventive care, of eating properly, abstaining from alcohol and drugs, practicing good hygiene, and scheduling regular vaccinations and checkups for themselves and their children, improves their quality of health, and life.

Get Help – Medical/Dental Program

When they arrive at the Center, many of our homeless have had little or no access to healthcare in months. Simple-to-treat conditions like infected cuts, bruises and other forms of trauma, toothaches, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, lice and airborne communicable diseases are treated quickly and effectively within days of arrival. This care, provided by volunteer healthcare professionals here at the David L Harmon Health Center, helps keep these conditions from becoming avoidable emergencies.

Just as important to early treatment is access to preventive education and basic healthcare tips. The Center offers ongoing classes to help educate our residents. Our parents who take advantage of the preventive education are more healthy overall and are more engaged in their children’s healthcare needs, including school physicals, preventive vaccines, oral exams and hygiene.

Approximately 500 adults and 200 children will receive medical, dental and age-appropriate health education services. Recognizing the great need, our local medical community has been very generous with their time and support of the program. Physicians and dentists are encouraged to contact Brenda Nichols, the Medical/Dental Coordinator at the Center ( if they would like to donate their time.

“Many of our homeless have had little or no access to healthcare.”