“The Job Development Program has been a ‘win-win’ for both BHC and CRC. We look forward to continuing to support the program.” - Gloria Williams, California Resource Corporation

When people have access to a team that both believes in them and has the resources and connections to help them get a job, they are better equipped to stay employed in the long run. The Bakersfield Homeless Center Job Development program is designed to recruit, train, and employ people who want a shot at career, but just need a little help getting there. Through partnerships with government and private businesses, we give people a second chance by creating job opportunities of part-time, entry level positions to qualified individuals eager for employment.

Benefits of Contracting a BHC Work Crew

  • Save time on interviewing and hiring.
  • Keep your skilled employees on-task.
  • Lower cost than full-time, on-staff employees.
  • Keep property up to code.
  • All payroll, HR and insurance handled by BHC.
  • Potential tax benefits.
  • Support your community by creating employment opportunities.

To discuss how hiring a Work Crew can help your business, call Andrew Miles at 661-322-9199 or fill out the information and we’ll give you a call.

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