Basic Needs – Emergency Food & Shelter Program

Living in constant survival mode, worrying about where the next meal is coming from or where they’ll spend the night is how many homeless exist. Providing a place to stay and a nutritious meal is where we start at the Center.

Get Help – Emergency Food & Shelter Program

Most of our clients come to us hungry, having been vulnerable to crime, disease and the elements and with no other place to turn. Many are desperate for warm/cool shelter, nutritious food and a place to restore adequate hygiene. It’s through the generous support of our community that the Bakersfield Homeless Center is able to provide:

  • Three warm, nutritious daily meals (plus three snacks for children, and adults with special nutritional needs);
  • Safe shelter in separate family, single women’s, and single men’s dormitories;
  • Hygiene items, such as soap, shampoo, and diapers;
  • Donations of clean clothing, and the use of laundry facilities and
  • Showers and restrooms.

Over and over, we see that once basic needs are met, people become stable enough to participate in programs that will return them to work, assist in locating in finding permanent housing and maintain a self-sustained living. Finding a way up starts with meeting basic needs.

“Finding a way up starts with¬†meeting basic needs.”