Why Champ Camp is important

Living in unsafe, unsanitary conditions; exposure to drugs, alcohol and sometimes violence, prolonged periods of hunger or inadequate nutrition and frequent moves to new schools – all contribute to homeless children being placed at an educational and developmental disadvantage. At Champ Camp, we offer positive, life-changing experiences and support in an effort to instill hope and a desire to learn.

Champ Camp Educational Enrichment Program for Homeless Children in Grades K-8

Homelessness can often mean many social and educational disruptions for children. For many, their school performance suffers and only a good support system can get them back on the road to success. Champ Camp was designed to do just that.

Champ Camp introduces positive role models – our teachers, mentors and caring volunteers; offers tutoring and homework help; gives the encouragement to read and learn both in the classroom and on their own; teaches healthy eating and exercise habits; promotes wholesome values and practices such as patience, kindness. Children in the formative years of 5 to 13 learn that education is the means to break free from the cycle of homelessness.

Replacing downtime at the Center with fun learning activities is improving our kids’ academic, social and citizenship achievement. It’s a way up.

“Homelessness can often mean many social and educational disruptions¬†for children.”