From the Seeds of Compassion, Hope Will Grow

Growth takes time.  We see in nature how long it takes for a flower to bloom and a harvest to grow.  Yet, we often forget that process is as true for people as it is in nature.  The seeds of hope take time to grow before change can flower in a person’s life.  When a mother comes to the Bakersfield Homeless Center feeling like all hope is lost, we are here to show her family that hope is alive!  It just needs a little nurturing and care to blossom.

When you make a donation to the Bakersfield Homeless Center this spring, you are planting a seed of hope in the lives of homeless and at-risk families.  Your donation helps us meet their daily needs of food and shelter, develops opportunities for employment and housing, enables educational support, and provides compassionate care and guidance along the way.

Will you help us plant a seed of hope this spring?

Help Provide Shelter, Meals, and More for a Family in Need

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