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Helping The Homeless Help Themselves

Providing Shelter

The Bakersfield Homeless Center creates a strong safety net for homeless and at-risk families by providing a broad continuum of services which begins with basic shelter. Last year, close to 2,000 individuals found a warm bed waiting at the Shelter. Once crisis needs are met, programs are offered to foster self-sufficiency. We provide shelter today and the tools needed to independently maintain shelter for a lifetime.

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Supplying Food

In these tough economic times the need for food continues to rise and many who have traditionally been self-sufficient, have suddenly found themselves seeking assistance for basic needs such as food baskets, or hot meals. Last year the Bakersfield Homeless Center provided 146,629 meals for individuals in our community. This constitutes a daily average of 401 individuals from both our sheltered clients as well as hungry members of the community.

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Giving Love

At the Bakersfield Homeless Center we treat the symptoms of homelessness while building healthy relationships. It is through these relationships that the homeless find the courage to seek and find the help they need. Transitional services, including drug and alcohol counseling, medical, dental and mental health care, child care, after school programs, housing and job placement assistance are all made available. Our services help homeless individuals and families develop long-term solutions with lasting success.

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Take A Tour of BHC

The mission of the Bakersfield Homeless Center is to provide support and resources to families and individuals in crisis while helping them to achieve their highest level of self-sufficiency. Take the tour and learn more about what we do.